Introducing first suppliers

Introducing first suppliers This week, it is our great pleasure, to present our first suppliers.
With time, Wabi Sabi has been noticed and accepted in every element of life – specially within interior design – in its asymmetric, rustic yet simple and elegant intimacy of space and objects. Every piece is lasting hand made design made of all natural components. Welcome to our world of natural materials, Indonesian furniture and art pieces made out of wood, stone, bamboo, rattan and volcanic glass and other South Asian natural materials.

source site Beside the awesome Wabi Sabi furniture, we are now offering you the exclusive chance to admire and purchase the new wooden collection of Japan inspired furniture, Nok Nok (winner of the prestige Italian award). This collection of furniture is made out of solid wood, guided by the flow of nature. 
Dedicated to the art of woodwork, carefully handcrafted with traditional Japanese joints, no screws, metals or artificial materials. 
Simply brilliant!

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