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Meet Una



go site While growing up in Africa and China, living for many years in Prague and London, Una was exposed to international cultures by her art and antique-collecting business executive’s parents, who took her to museums, antique shops and galleries. And like many of the designers she admires, she moved abroad before coming back to her city. After working for many years in British Telecom in London, Una then returned to Belgrade and nested in Media business for over 7 years. After 20 years in corporate world, she took a bold step, finally starting what she loves the most and Fab Living was born.

Why FAB Living?

get cytotec without prescription Fab Living is a modern and personal approach to retail. We bring together carefully chosen products from established and emerging Serbian designers.

http://rdarockford.com/TC300.cfm Fab Living connects you with your new favorite things, fashion, home as well as original works of art. It’s another way to explore things you’ll wear, use, and treasure for years to come.

Fab Living location own story dates to 1932, when a master of architecture Mr. Jovanovic, created this amazing villa at number 50. Vila reflects mostly the rise of Balkan kingdom. It is an unusual building for its purposes. Although in some detail of the facade has the elements of a palace, apartments within the building changed hands many times as the Vracar neighborhood of Belgrade grew and transformed around it.

Some 100 years after the building first opened for business, its ground floor has been reborn into FAB Living experience, 130m2 place to connect in a vast and vibrant city. Located in the heart of Vracar, across the street from Nikola Tesla museum, with its row of shops and cafes offering visitors many options to escape.


Additionally, in the spirit of how we approach interior design, this spring we introduced this new concept, our vision of an integrated aesthetic, aspiring to create harmony between the interior design of one’s home and lifestyle. A space that invites discovery, a collection of furniture, accessories and lifestyle objects. “Gallery” concept, an artistic expression of our collection in an integrated gallery setting. We believe this new canvas for our products will enrich your experience and generate a wealth of ideas to evolve your home.

There is no better time than spring – a period of rebirth and renewal – to look beyond things as they are and, in the words of George Bernard Shaw, “dream things that have never been, and ask why not?”

Our Friends

Thank you guys for helping my dream come true!